MWM: 5 Sold for $402K, 8 New Listings

Welcome to MarketWatch Monday.

Here’s what happened in FBA business sales this week…

Sold Amazon FBA Listings

This week we found five sold Amazon FBA businesses and six pending sales totaling $4.3MM. The median multiple of the sold listings was 2.3x of annual net profit, which is down from last weeks 2.87x which makes sense being that all listing were under $200k.

There was one delisted business found this week and twelve listings that were no longer available (either sold or delisted), with a total list price value of $6.4MM.

In total (sold, pending, delisted & unknown) that takes $10.7MM in listings off the marketplace this week.

New Amazon FBA Listings

Eight new listings came to market this week, ranging from $40K – 499K. Interestingly, the median sold multiple and the median multiple for the new listings is the exact same 2.3x this week

The median list price multiple is down this week to 2.3x annual net profit. The median multiple for business under the $500K price point was 2.3x. However, there are no new businesses listed for sale above the $1MM price point.

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